As a business owner, manager or entrepreneur you are no doubt wearing many fancy hats to ensure your biz flourishes. Being the superstar that you are, you can achieve a million and one things in one day and still have time for a 10km run and a 5pm martini. You’re a multi-tasker and ain’t no body gonna break your stride. I hear you amigo, I hear you.


My question is; when do you allow yourself the TIME to sit back and think BIG? You may have your 5-year plan in your head with one hundred ideas on how to catapult your business to the next level, but therein lies the problem. You have creativity bouncing off every molecule of your being but you may not have the time to turn these big ideas into actions. All because you are elbow deep in business operation grey-water!


Never fear dear, a superstar VA is on the way. What can a VA bring to the table I hear you ask? SO.MANY.THINGS. The top 5 are:


  1. Sidekick…..Robin Style!

Having a dedicated sidekick for you and your business can really be a game changer in regards to productivity and big picture items. Do you think Batman defeated The Riddler solo? No! He engaged little old Robin to boost his efforts and keep Gotham City safe. Think of a VA as your Robin. While a VA won’t necessarily be wearing a cape in a literal sense, they will stand by you to navigate through your workload and identify opportunities for delegation.


  1. They’re bendy like Beckham

Need some ongoing tasks completed such as monthly blogs, weekly e-newsletters or daily social media management? No problemo. Need a one off research job for an important project? That’s ok too. They are flexible, adaptable and ready to bend any which way to meet your needs, a little bit like Beckham.


  1. Skillz baby, they got SKILLZ.

Yes I’m aware I’m a VA specialising in copywriting and I’ve just spelt skills with a ‘Z’. But just ‘skills’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Tell me you didn’t feel a bit badass when you read that aloud? Ha ha. That’s right, they got some badass SKILLZ that are at your disposal. VA’s generally have a solid background in their chosen specialty and come to you schooled and ready to work it. Take your pick from the VA buffet because you have an array of industry knowledge experts to choose from: bookkeeping, web design, marketing, copywriting or even graphic design just to name a few. Word.


  1. They’re hooked up!

VA’s are unique in that they have their own small business and have the tools of the trade ready to use for your benefit. Don’t have a social media-scheduling platform? They got it! Don’t have access to influencers? They can lead the way! Not sure what program to use for e-newsletters? They are! Not only do they have some very fancy tools to get things rolling like a Summer Roll, they are connected and will open their little black book just for you!


  1. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

How many times have you muttered ‘<web design/social media/emails>……ain’t nobody got time for that!’? Maybe the voices in your head don’t talk to you in pop culture connotations like mine do actually…hmm. Anyway, VA’s make TIME to free up your TIME. Outsource your number one time sucker and you’ll be sipping latte’s dreaming up your next big thing quicker than Blockbuster became obsolete.


So now what? Well now that you categorically know that hiring a VA is the WAY consider your task list and choose what can be outsourced. THEN, visit The Freelance Collective to find your match. The Freelance Collective houses the TOP creative freelance talent in Australia so have a browse, swipe left, swipe right and you’ll be ready to rock with your Robin in no time!






Marissa Batty

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