About The Freelance Collective:

Growing numbers of Australians are leaving their day jobs to freelance, which gives them the professional freedom to carve out their own definition of work.

But freelancers can feel disconnected, and crave a supportive community. They’re also too busy handling projects to market their freelance business or find ways to increase their online visibility. Or form relationships with other freelancers. This platform solves both of these problems.

And sometimes, we need another equally experienced freelancer to collaborate with when handling bigger projects, or to refer your trusted client to someone within your network that you trust.

Meanwhile, tracking down the right freelance talent is like finding a needle in a haystack for clients.

So, we build The Freelance Collective – a community of top Australian creative freelancers. Talented freelancers join to get found by clients across the country. And no freelancer is left out because they’re not based in Sydney or Melbourne for networking or meet-ups – freelancers here can take advantage of membership benefits, because they’re all delivered online.

Clients love that other talented freelancers have vetted the talent that applies for their own profile page to make sure they’re outstanding talent with real runs on the boards, and based in Australia.  Clients come to search this talent database when they’re in the market for a freelancer. No registration, no hoops and completely free.

We’re also a community, so you can connect with like-minded freelancers to seek advice in a trusting environment.  And there’s discounts to relevant services, advice, job sharing and support here, always.

Who’s behind The Freelance Collective?

The Freelance Collective is an Australian concept, build by top local creative freelancers.  Like most good freelancers, we often get asked for recommendations for freelancers in related fields, so, we’ve built a collective for like-minded freelance creatives to promote their skills and share opportunities, helping them generate more work leads.


As someone new to freelancing and working predominantly from the isolation of a home office, I have appreciated having a group of like-minded peers to ask questions of, share experiences, and learn the ropes from some of the most talented freelancers in the business.
Steve Colquhounfreelance copywriter, editor and journalist