Project management will make a real difference in your business and to your clients. It doesn’t have to be hard, as a single freelancer adding process to your business is easy. It also doesn’t have to include Gantt charts, fishbone charts and critical path analysis flow diagrams.

When I think about how green I was with my first client website exactly 12.7 years ago, I’m truly humbled by how far we’ve come. I had butterflies big time. “What if I stuff it up?” “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if they don’t like it?” And more importantly, “Where the hell do I…

Growing numbers of Australians are successfully juggling family life and freelancing. The ability to work from home, use an app to track hours worked and work on projects in their own sweet time is so alluring, that family life is the prompt that many need to start their freelance business.

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