Frequently asked questions:

Q: How does The Freelance Collective work?
A: You’ve found us, now it’s time for your clients to find you.

We’re a community of top Australian creative freelance talent. Anyone can search and find your profile and reach out to you direct – no logins, no gateways – completely free.

We promote each member on social media, and members also get access to freelance news, advice and information on how to be a better creative freelancer. All our bonuses are online – podcasts, videos, newsletters… So no matter where you are in Australia, you’re going to benefit from being a member.

While we’re specifically not a jobs site, we do trade clients, collaborate with each other and send out jobs to members that come our way.

Q: Who can list their services on the site?

A: Australian freelancers working in the creative sector. We refer to them as laptop-toting creatives. There’s more than 25 skills listed on our platform. We prefer to work direct with our clients, and steer clear of online platforms that encourage freelancers to bid against each other for projects. They ultimately drive down price and quality, after all.

Q: Why should I add my profile?

Because, you get: 

  • Your own profile page – tell your story, add work samples, videos etc
  • Access to our private online community group to communicate and form relationships with the freelancers listed – which often lead to collaborations and job-sharing
  • Newcomers are featured on the home page
  • Inspiration on being a better freelancer sent to your inbox
  • You’ll improve your search engine ranking, and ability to get found by clients
  • Freebies – annual subscriptions, giveaways and occasional freebie in the mail
  • Discounts to products that can help your freelance career
  • The chance to guest blog for us

Q: What type of freelance professionals are listed?
A: If you’re a freelance creative, you’ll fit right in.

Q: How do I create my own profile?
A: Just click on the Get My Profile page and you’re there. Give as much or as little information as you like. We’ve also created a space for you to add samples of your work, a video, your social media links or whatever else you’d like to add to appeal to potential clients.

Q: I want to hire a quality Australian creative freelancer. What do I do?
A: Search our members by using the search tab to narrow your look for the skills you’re after. You might even like to invite two or three to quote on your next project. Reach out direct to them.

Q: Why do you need to approve my profile?
A: We curate our community to keep quality high – we want to make sure you’re based in Australia, and that you’re great at what you do.

Q: How long does it take to approve my profile?
A: A few hours at most, usually. You’ll receive an email when your profile has been made live.

Q: What does it cost?
A: It’s $9/month for us to host your profile, deducted from your PayPal account each month.

Q: Can I edit my profile once it’s made live?
A: Yes. You’ve created a login and we encourage you to update your profile every few months.

Q: Can I cancel my profile page if I change my mind?
A: Yes, of course. Just log in and hit ‘delete profile’. Or cancel your PayPal payment and we’ll remove you.

Q: Do I have to submit my shot in black and white or a certain size?
A: No, just upload your picture and the site will do the rest for you.

Q: Who created The Freelance Collective?
A: The concept began with an idea from Australian business journalist & wordsmith Nina Hendy, which led to many, many conversations with other creative freelancers, who built this unique platform to promote top Australian freelance talent so freelancers to connect, no matter where in Australia they’re based. We’ve set out to create a place for freelancers to share their story so that clients can reach out direct. We’ve enjoyed strong industry support, including from The Walkley Foundation, Media Super, accounting platform Rounded and MOO so far.

Q: I’d like to write a blog for The Freelance Collective. Who do I contact?
A: We welcome contact from relevant brands, businesses or services that might have an offering that offers value to Australian freelancers. Contact the site editor at with a suggested topic and we’ll be in touch.

Q: Something on the site isn’t working properly for me. Who do I contact?
A: Shoot your question to and we’ll sort it out for you.