Chelsea Giles

Traveller By Trade

Hiya! I'm Chelsea, a triple threat 'unicorn' digital nomad. I began as an adventure traveller and backpacker in my late teens and have been on the move ever since. Dedicated to finding a career online, I quickly started where any millennial would - my social media platforms. I did the research, took the courses and over time learned the best tactics to grow my following, all while sharing my story of travelling the globe.

The world of website design was my next step. I began developing Shopify storefronts, WIX websites and WordPress blogs for a range of clients. After some time and endless hours of research I decided to try breaking into the world of custom code. I was instantly hooked. Website development took my experience with design to a whole new level and allowed me to combine my passions.

And here we are.. the 'unicorn' of services. Not only can I create an individualized design based on your brand goals - I can then custom code the website AND teach you the skills needed to successfully manage all social media accounts and digital campaigns to help you drive sales!

my core skills

front end development

website design

instagram growth strategy

social media audits

content creator

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

Best thing was by far deciding to go freelance and launch my own business. I now have the creative freedom to work alongside brands I have a passion for and business owners I align really well with. It is the key to successful long time business relationships that I didn't feel I had the opportunity to experience so much before.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

Typically my work weeks involve a lot of screen time! Between client communication, website designs, coding projects and laying out business audits / growth plans I am on my laptop or phone quite a bit. Whenever possible I try to meet up with clients and grab a few hours away from my "office" at the time.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

As a digital nomad my work environment is always changing. Whether it be in a cafe, a co-working space or an airport - good wifi and a good pair of headphones is all I need.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

My lifestyle. I have been around the world and back again - stopping as I find new places to call home or cultures I want to learn more about. Having the chance to work with people from all around the world has taught me understanding and communication skills you could not have learnt otherwise.

What are the tools of your trade?

A laptop, a steady power source, good wifi connection and a creative determined mind. With these I have the ability to individualise each client experience and custom create the dream or goals they have for their business.

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

From time to time I will collaborate - depending on client needs. This can range from seeking logo support from a graphic designer or content photos via a photographer.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

Accepting and being fully okay with turning down some projects. I aim to help every business I work with to my fullest ability, but sometimes that means not taking on every client and giving my full attention to the ones I already have - and the ones I have a passion for.

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