Chris Myers

Studio 313

I have been involved in all things art and design since I could hold a crayon and saw my first clean wall. I quickly learnt that you get in trouble when you draw all over the lounge room wall, so I progressed to paper, then canvas, and now computer.

After being in the "dog-eat-dog" agency and corporate design worlds for numerous years, I branched out on my own in 2008 and began a little freelance business working with small - medium businesses around Australia.

In Jan 2014 I started up a WordPress dedicated web studio, Studio 313 with some amazing friends of mine specialising in custom WordPress themes and website solutions.

my core skills

web design

front end development

custom wordpress development

website reviews & audits

website security

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

It might be weird to say but would have to be the two 'clients from hell' I had back when I first started out and was very fresh and green with the business side of things. Was not fun at the time but I learnt a lot of those experiences and have practices in place ever since to combat such problems before they arise.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

One thing I love about being in the web industry is that no two days are alike. With that said thou, it is such a fast paced area with new styles, techniques, standards, coding scripts being release all the time, I start every day going through a selection of the leading design and development websites to make sure I keep up to date with all thats going on and what new scripts / techniques and tools are available.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

I primarily work from home now, my family and I moved to the Illawarra back in 2014 so on quiet days, I get to work with the sounds of cows and the ocean in the background. On noisy days, it is with the sounds of my son playing down stairs.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

I come from a graphic design background and taught myself web development about 10 years ago as a challenge. That challenge quickly become a passion which I still love to this day.

I also have a strong belief that no-one should be forced to fit and compromise their needs into a pre-made solution so all the websites I do are custom designed & developed around the clients needs from the ground up.

What are the tools of your trade?

My brain, my Mac, a heap of different devices for testing, and the internet.

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

Most definitely, areas of the web industry are so varied and change so quickly that to be a 'Jack of all trades' means that something will suffer along the way. I have a group of great friends that I work with for SEO, SEM, SMM and Advanced WordPress Development whenever required.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

It's ok to say no to a client if it doesn't feel right.

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