Gail Chapman

Hi there!

I've always enjoyed trying out different types of administrative work. It gives me great satisfaction when a project is completed on time and delivered within the budget required.

I have experience with a kaleidoscope of admin, marketing and HR roles over the last 30 years.

The experience I've gained with working in these different environments has given me the skills now to handle any task thrown at me. Raising three great young men has been my greatest achievement though. Motherhood is hands down the most challenging and rewarding assignment of my life!

When I was temping for 10 years with Adecco I was often thrown in the deep end to fill in as an executive assistant, assisting with marketing projects or in HR recruitment projects and I often had to hit the ground running.

Adecco was happy to have someone they could completely rely on at the drop of a hat and I enjoyed all the different challenging roles that came my way. It was an incredible experience and loved meeting new people to work with.

When I heard about the opportunity to become a virtual assistant, I knew immediately that this would be a perfect fit for me! A great way for me to earn some extra holiday money too!

My motto is 'no job is too small' and I enjoy rising to the challenge of projects that I haven't had any experience in. I would be an asset to anyone wanting a pro-active mature person with a 'can do' positive attitude. Someone who is honest, hard working and always reliable. If that's you, sign me up for the task.

I'm flexible, creative and love to keep busy!

Sometimes you just need someone to tidy up the house for a dinner party, mind the baby while you dash out for a few hours, pick up the kids from school and feed those hungry kids because you're running late getting home. You need someone else to do some running around either on foot or on the phone. Do you need me to organise a caterer or a makeup artist? Source the best price for a product you need? Do I sound like that person you've been wanting to have your whole life? You've wanted a clone of yourself to do all things you can't fit into your crazy schedule. Just book me in!

my core skills

Diary Management

Event Management

Database Management

Customer Service

Personal Assistant

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

One of my first jobs was working with Fairfax Magazines as a junior marketing assistant at the beginning of my career

I worked along with some fantastic mentors, Sandra Hook to name one. I loved working on the Countdown Music Awards, the Cosmopolitan Look of The Year, the Dolly Covergirl Contest and many other glamorous events where I met some super stars and worked along to make an event 'pop'. Way too much fun and to date haven't quite experienced any job quite as 'glam' as that one. I was 18 years old then so receiving free cd's and makeup, liaising with magazine editors and going to photo shoots was pretty exciting.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

Being the first point of contact, either on the phone or in person means you are always 'on' so it is critical that all visitors and callers are received warmly and treated respectfully.

Booking travel arrangements and ensuring that itineraries are updated.

Coordinating board meeting catering as well as assisting with onsite AV issues that crop up.

The people I deal with can vary from those having general enquiries about the company to a Minister of Parliament wanting to speak to one of the executives. It could be as simple as signing for a parcel or organising a delegation from overseas and assisting with all their accommodation, dietary requirements and meeting room needs.

Organising name plates/signage for events and liaising with conference venues to make sure the event goes ahead smoothly.

Filling in for a fellow executive assistant and ensuring all communication is crystal clear to ensure that there is a smooth and seamless transition. Great communication is the key.

Assisting with large mail outs, tidying up a database, handling the mail merge and then taking care of the enquiries that come from that project.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

In the Inner West of Sydney, I have a serene and peaceful home. This new 'virtual office' is the way a business can cut costs and at the same time have the expert assistance required to get their businesses running smoothly and their personal life organised too.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

Not too many have had 30 years experience in admin right?

What are the tools of your trade?

I have a computer. I have a landline. I have an iPhone so I can receive work 24/7. Voila!

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

I have a network of amazing friends who have had experience in different roles with varying expertise and skill sets. Some are Microsoft wizards, others teach admin skills at colleges and others are running their own virtual offices from home. So if a curly job comes along, I have a great 'go to' team to help me if I get stuck. However, I am usually that 'go to' person people come to for smart and practical solutions.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

Never underestimate the speed you can do things in. I quoted for a job that involved constructing point of sale material for the Commonwealth Bank awhile ago for a local advertising agency.

It was a great little job and we completed it ahead of schedule. We worked out the best and most secure way that the pop-up piece could be constructed and then mailed out.

That was my first inkling that I possessed the determination to deliver any project before the deadline!

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