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I manage my own creative studio based in Perth, Western Australia, you know, the other side of the world.

I'm entirely self-taught, but am deeply indebted to a whole range of beautifully talented people who have shared their wisdom with me over the years. I think both my parents also injected me with some creative genes - so thanks mama and papa.

My design juices flow best when I wake up early in the morning. If you hire me, you'll most likely be sleeping soundly while I'm wide awake at 3am creating or building some piece of work for your enjoyment.

Most of my time these days is spent on designing and developing websites for small to medium sized businesses. But I often design logos and flyers for my clients as well. In short, I provide a full range of creative solutions from logo design, to websites, video production and large format signage design.

The beauty of working as a freelancer is that my office is wherever my laptop is. If you need to meet me face to face or want me to work on a project in-house - as long as you're fully clothed, you can set me loose in your office (oh, I've had clients unexpectedly meet me in their underwear before!). Provided that you're in the Perth metro area, I'm happy to pop in. Otherwise, working remotely is the way I usually engage with clients.

I value prompt communication, integrity, quality and positivity.

my core skills

Custom WordPress Websites

Logo & Branding Design

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Video Editing

Graphic Design

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

Seeing my vision of a founding a creative studio coming to life.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

Early mornings, always learning better methods, creating awesome designs, building & optimising websites for speedy content delivery, meeting new clients, lots of reading and lots of fun.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

My office is mobile. Although I have a home office, a large part of my time is spent working either in cafe's, client's premises or where-ever it is convenient. I love new surroundings, so for me, this is great.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

I'm on a mission to use only the best tools, the most efficient methods, and to be the most reliable in delivery and communication. I will often reply to my client's emails within a few minutes. I also have a larger range of design skill sets I can employ in my website development.

What are the tools of your trade?

Adobe Creative Cloud apps (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD), WordPress

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

I currently collaborate with an expert videographer and graphic designer who does fantastic work. Although I'm capable of doing this work, my aim is to form a strong alliance of people I can pass work on to as my business grows.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

I've learned to detail my scope of work included in a project more clearly.

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