Kadi Hainas

Estlanders Marketing

If years ago someone had told me that I’d move across to the other side of the world and start helping business owners with their digital marketing, I would have said, ‘yeah, right’! At the time, I guess I simply had another dream.

At that time, I was sure I was going to be a journalist. I went to uni to study how to become a killer reporter (and maybe even an undercover one)—I was curious about how we can use the power of words, and combine it with a strategy, to make a change. My journalism studies taught me to ask the right questions and find the right words to make an impact.

Life challenged me and brought me exciting projects, allowing me to grow from my curiosity and into practice. One thing led to the other, and I found myself responsible for managing several different websites, social media channels and newsletters, as well as building relationships with the media. These opportunities challenged me to be even more creative and gave me the real-life know-how. I learned how to impactfully deliver messages to the right target audience, and learned how to make digital channels work for me.

I loved all of my projects and my life back at home, but I realised that there is more out there for me. So I made the decision to move overseas. I remain excited about the fast-changing landscape of the digital marketing world, and I now help Australian businesses steer their digital marketing in the right direction.

Over the course of my career, I have had the honour of working with several businesses in the music, events, e-commerce, real estate, health and non-profit industries.

my core skills

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Project Management



Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

The decision to change my lifestyle, and start working with businesses from all over the world.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

I like keeping myself busy, but I also believe that it’s necessary to keep a balance to avoid the busy-ness becoming overwhelming. So, if I’m not currently working, I’m probably doing yoga or composing a new song.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

Creative but organised … and there has to be a cafe with great coffee nearby!

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

My decision to leave a great job and a good life back home made me step out of my comfort zone. I moved to the other side of the world to overcome my fears and continue my career here. It has taken a lot of courage, but because of that, I know that anything is possible!

What are the tools of your trade?

My laptop. I truly love the laptop lifestyle and the magic the two of us can create!

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

Yes, I work with a web designer and developer, as well as a couple of other specialists. I also work with my amazing partner, who is also a digital marketer. He is my rock, the one with whom I’m brainstorming and discussing all the industry updates with, whether it’s 6 am or midnight.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

There has to be a bit of a ‘golden dust magic’ between me and the client. I think the biggest lesson is learning to listen to yourself, listen to the client, and then listen to yourself again to see if we are a match. If we are, amazing things can happen. And if not, it’s important to be honest, let it go and make space for new challenges.

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