Kate Fabbian

Hi There! I'm Kate. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my profile page. I love stories. I love how words provoke emotions whether that's to buy the hottest and fanciest car on the market or listening to someones personal journey.

My love of writing and storytelling was ignited from my Grade 12 English teacher and I followed my passion to study Communications at University in South Australia. Not long out of Uni, I was exceptionally lucky to win my dream job working for a street press magazine where I was an active team member of 4 producing a fortnightly music, arts and theatre publication. I learnt diverse and invaluable publishing skills in this environment including interviewing and writing, editing, advertising, magazine pagination, artwork traffic, media co-promotions, event management and managing product distribution.

Eight years flew by and I was ready for a new challenge, this time Mediacom - a marketing and buying agency. I held the Media/Marketing Coordinator where I worked with local, national and global brands some of which included Great Southern Rail, Harbourtown, Rundle Mall, Australian Outdoor Living, My Budget and more. It was a role that opened my eyes to marketing on every level and I gained experience in product strategy and planning, placement, branding, campaign coordination and campaign analysis. I thrived with the ability to plan and suggest new and interesting ideas for clients brands in the market place.

Music and the arts sector has always been something I am incredibly passionate about and after a solid stint at Mediacom I moved to the internationally renown Adelaide Fringe Festival. I commenced employment on a project called FUSE which was a three day music and arts conference and festival. It was initially a marketing and communications role but working in a team of 3 meant employees were required to be multi-skilled and I quickly learnt the fundamentals of producing a large event. Our event involved delegates from interstate and across the globe, artists, managers, record labels not to mention liaising with sponsors, councils, production teams, volunteers, venues and management, catering, media, graphic artists and more. In addition I worked in event programming and scheduling, planned VIP parties and launches, delegate training seminars, built event sites, conducted risk analysis and event administration. Our showcase event on the opening night of the Adelaide Fringe drew more than 4,000 people which was site capacity.

Fast forward decade and I am grateful to have been employed with organisations and businesses in the not-for-profit and commercial sector such as Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation, Helping Hand, TAE ( aviation company) Holden Street Performing Arts Theatre all in the realms of communications, marketing and events. My specialities in Communications lie in internal and external communications including media and media management, copywriting for brochures and flyers, press releases, newsletters, case studies, ghost writing, advertorials, social media, websites, print advertisements, media kits, sales letters, video and radio scripts, fact sheets and anything else you may think of. Throughout my entire career a component of my work has involved Public Relations and media. I know the importance of crafty and engaging content, taglines, headlines, angles etc and understand the notion of pitching for media attention. I have sound skills in identifying media stories within businesses and organisations, re-branding through the media, interview coordination, photoshoots, publicity events and stunts to garner attention.

While in the first year and a half of freelancing I have had the opportunity to work with clients in the education, not-for-profit, apparel, real estate, manufacturing and special needs sectors. My work has been exceptionally diverse ranging from visual merchandising to event management and event styling to administration to introducing new products on the Australian market and managing publicity to coordinating marketing for brand new businesses. I am the exceptionally creative type and I love what I do. In my freelancing I aim to be a snazzy content writer, a bold brand ambassador and protector, memorable marketer and an efficient event organiser.

my core skills

Copywriting for traditional and digital platforms

Internal communications

Media relations / publicity

Event Planning and Management

Campaigns and Strategy

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

There's a several stand out moments that I have been given that has provided me with much satisfaction and enjoyment. My role at TAE - an aviation maintenance company was by far my most extensive role. As the sole Communications Manager I conducted internal communications in 3 states for more than 350 employees, managed external communications / P.R. and marketing and executed internal workplace events. At the time of accepting the position I knew absolutely nothing about aviation but threw myself into the deep end and learnt, researched and talked to people about the industry. I never thought I would be able to write about Fuel Components on aircraft but I did and become a solid technical writer. My writing bought great results to the company both internally and externally and demonstrated that I can apply and transfer my skills to any industry.

Another exciting opportunity was to undertake a photo shoot in SA regional and metropolitan residential homes for a complete overhaul of marketing materials. Working with 70-100+ year olds in their residential home was exceptionally rewarding and fun. Bowling, music, gardening, tinkering in sheds, bingo, we did it all and captured some great stories through photos.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with young sick children and telling their stories through various mediums to increase funds and awareness at the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation. I also loved working on their fundraising events such as Gala Balls and Adel - Alice Springs Challenge Race. To bring light in a sometimes dark place is exceptionally rewarding.

Being a highly visual and creative individual I have enjoyed styling stands stalls and sites for company exhibitions at commercial and community shows and expos. This has involved selecting and organising furniture and fittings and building the entire site. It also included ensuring the site was visually attractive with advertising, displays and effective and captivating branding in line with companies style guide.

On a day to day basis its securing stories in newspapers and mediums *that feeling* when you discover your client story is being told to the world that you utterly believe in and are passionate about makes all the ideas, angles, pitching and hard work worthwhile.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

No day or week is ever the same! It's constantly changing and evolving. I'm always on the go....but call me 🙂

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

My favourite music is always playing in my colourful and creatively decorated beachside office. The beach is literally a stone throw away.... how lucky am I?! Another aspect of my working environment I love is my vision boards - they fuel my motivation and play a key part in my freelancing success. When required I can be flexible and work on the road and in public spaces!

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

A friendly, relaxed country girl living in the city I am all about getting to know clients and people on a personal level, spending time with them, understanding their product unconditionally and being passionate about what I do. I see my clients as my friends who work professionally together and are relied upon and that's something pretty special.

What are the tools of your trade?

My laptop, Google docs, Canva, Hootsuite, a number of pens, colourful paper, my phone, an open mind and plenty of creativity!

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

Of course! This is where some of the best ideas are established.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

The biggest freelancing lesson I have learnt is ensuring a detailed brief is provided before commencing client work and terms and conditions are always discussed first 🙂

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