Mark Fogliano

“Its all about supporting the narrative of the story”.

Regardless of whether it’s a film, a documentary, an education video, or advertising, music’s purpose is to provide both context, and subtext to the imagery, dialogue and narration that has been meticulously constructed by talented writers, directors and producers such as yourselves.

As a composer for film, television, radio and new media, it is Mark’s role to interpret the intentions of the creators, to their audience through the unspoken language of music – the guiding hand that causes them to think, feel and emotionally react.

Mark completed his Bachelor of Music (production and composition) in 2018. A classically trained pianist from childhood, Mark has writing and performing music since the age of 15. He has produced several pop artists, and composed for a variety of media projects for both film and commercials. He released his own track in August 2018- 'Supernova feat. KODA' under his producer pseudonym 'Mark Jay', which can be found on Spotify & iTunes.

Prior to returning to music, Mark had completed his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting and marketing at the University of South Australia in 2001. He commenced his career in the financial sector which, by the end of his 13 year tenure, he was managing a corporate portfolio exceeding $200m in assets. He has managed a diversified portfolio of clients including wholesale electronics, manufacturing, engineering & construction, retailers; professionals (accounting and law firms), agriculture, and wineries.

With this in-depth knowledge and understanding, and his passion for building strong relationships, Mark is well equipped to bridge the creative and financial outcomes of your project.

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Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

I've been fortunate to have several highlights; having the Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orchestra perform one of my compositions; completing the music for the short film 'Zoe' by director Derek Abel, and; my first song release 'Supernova' under my producer name "Mark Jay"

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

There is no such thing as a typical "work week" as the breadth and variety of work I undertake, always sees my priorities changing. Generally, Mondays is spent as a Business Development day - following up leads, preparing quotes, contacting associates. Tuesday and Thursdays is spent producing music with a roster of artists, my production partner and I are developing. Wednesday can be spent composing for various media (eg. films, commercials, online media). Friday through Sunday can be a variety of any of the above, and include networking functions. Of course, tight deadlines are prioritised, and the whole week is then rearranged around that work. I am also involved in start up business in the legal field, which fits in and around all of my other freelance work.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

I primarily work from my music studio at home, with my computer and keyboard front and centre. The majority of my composing is completed here, which includes film and tv work, as well as pre-production for pop music. I also work from my production partner's studio in Yarraville, where most of the recording, mixing and post production is completed.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

The breadth of skills and experience I have acquired over the course of my career to date will provide prospective employers, clients and business partners with a unique set of skills that are not often found in a single individual. From business, marketing and brand strategy; market research; financial analysis, business development; account management; and customer relationship management; to music producer, songwriter, and film composer, I am highly specialised and adept to bridging both the creative and financial goals outcomes for the projects and business' I am involved with.

What are the tools of your trade?

My Imac, Keyboard, Logic Pro X, Protools, my many sound libraries and plugin effects, headphones and studio speaker monitors.

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

My work is 90% collaboration, given I am often engaged to fulfil someone else's creative vision. This can work several ways depending on the project. It often begins with a meeting and general chat - in person preferably, but phone or Skype are used depending on location. In this meeting, a brief will be requested, and many questions will be asked about the project - what outcomes they want to achieve, and how the music can support these outcomes. From this conversation, a view will be formed about the requirements of the role, the scale of the project, and the amount of time required to complete. A quote is provided and delivered, with the terms of the relationship outlined, negotiated and agreed upon. Depending on the project: for a short commercial, 2 to 3 different demo ideas will be presented to the client, to determine the sonic direction. From here, the music will be refined, mixed and mastered, all which may require several iterations. Clients are required to sign off (in writing) on milestone work completed.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

(1) Do not undervalue your time or your skills

(2) Always confirm everything in writing

(3) Spend considerable time working 'on' your business

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