Nick Cavarretta

Sydney SEO Consultant

I started in the freelance world a long time ago - I feel old now - as a web developer and managing servers. Today I am one of the only true standing SEO specialists that isn't selling a a dream, but pointing out opportunities small business owners are missing out on and building strategies to compete in the organic search space. I love working with family owned businesses and helping them take on the "bigger guys" that have large budgets. I have been ranking myself for over 6 years competing against large agencies with huge marketing budgets, however, my skill-set alone has kept me up with them and a lot of agencies are still chasing me, which I take as a compliment.

my core skills

Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO

Organic SEO

Online Marketing

Digital Marketing

Q & A

Whats the best thing to happen to you in your career to date?

I entered into the publishing world for a few years as practice for SEO. I didn't expect the website to take off, but before I knew it I was interviewing musicians I idolised as a teenager, reviewing CD's before release dates and even flying all over Australia to act as a media representative.

What does a typical work week look like for you?:

I shift across industries a few times a day, so I'm constantly having the battle all freelancers have, which is time management. My typical day is sitting in the office working on my existing online marketing clients, acting as an online marketing adviser and even going as far as assisting with media relations.

Describe your working environment in a few sentences..

I work in a co-working space and love to network with other business focused and start-up companies working within the spaces.

What sets you apart from other freelancers in your industry?

To be honest, I don't know. A lot of people copy what I'm doing so I guess that separates me from them. I just put that down to some people know what they're doing, and other try to emulate what others are doing. I'm not an emulator, I figure it out for myself and practice the art on tester websites.

What are the tools of your trade?

If I have a laptop and strong internet connection, I can work anywhere.

Do you collaborate with others? If yes, how does that works?

Yes I collaborate with other online marketing freelancers. I don't deal in the online advertising space anymore, I feel it's beneath me, so I seek reliable freelancers that do work on these sections and refer work to them. Advertisers aren't developers and don't study algorithms, so SEO is not within their skill-set and we help each other out.

Whats been the biggest freelancing lesson to date?

If someone calls you and insists they know everything you know, then 100% they know nothing and they're trying to make you comfortable enough to feed them information for free. I don't like this strategy business people have, you know Google can tell you almost everything, right?

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