About the freelancers behind the collective


Nina Hendy


Nina came up with the concept for an online curated community that gives clients direct access to top Australian freelancers in 2015.

The platform came about after growing frustration at the number of platforms of agencies popping up that promised to support freelancers, but only put a fence between freelancers and clients. Or asked clients to upload briefs and got freelancers to bid against eachother, which only drives down quality and price.

She collected together a small group of creative freelancers from around the country to bring the concept to life.

The Freelance Collective gives top talent a place to promote their skills and showcase their work alongside like-minded creative peeps and be part of a genuinely supportive curated community of talent.

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Emma Morgan

Emma Morgan

Creative Director

Emma has been part of the vision for The Freelance Collective community since day dot. She admits that creative thinkers with organisational skills were previously thought to be mythical creatures. But she’s proof that they can exist within the one person.

This project manager with a panache for the big picture and organising loves connecting and building relationships with people. She works with a variety of clients and loves the instant feedback that freelancing offers her.

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Joel Eade

Web Designer & Developer

Joel is a web designer and developer with a flair for creativity. His journey into design began when he designed a website for his band. He loved the process so much, he kept at it, developing his skills over the past decade or more.

He is an active member of the Melbourne WordPress community, and loves learning new design tips and tricks.

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Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines

Admin & Social Media

Korryn is the go-to person for all things admin. Just give her a task, and leave her to it, and she’ll pop back when it’s done. She prides herself on making the lives of others easier.

She started freelancing to provide meaningful support to businesses instead of making a commission for recruitment agencies.

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Marissa Batty

Social Media

Marissa is a strategic thinker with creative flair specialising in Social Media & Copywriting. Marissa’s passion is building engaging brands through witty words and compelling imagery.

Marissa started freelancing three years ago and hasn’t looked back. She loves working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who aren’t afraid to stand out. When Marissa’s not elbow deep in her work, you can find her in a moonlighting as a somewhat unco, wannabe fitness fanatic.

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