In recent years, the lack of stable and long-term employment has opened the floodgates for a new kind of worker. Freelancers, also known as Slash Workers, have become truly independent by creating their own opportunities. While some freelancers say that the transition has resulted in lost (or reduced) income, most believe that “freedom” supersedes monetary value.

Let’s take a look at the data behind how freedom has become the new standard of wealth.

The concept of freedom versus wealth

Unlike the more traditional worker, Slash Workers develop skillsets in 2-3 areas or topics to become invaluable to their clients. In fact, only 5% of freelancers AND CO interviewed said they accept work around one skill, while 13% work for just one client. For 40% of those surveyed, the reason for becoming a freelancer had to do with personal growth.

Regardless of 43% of those surveyed saying that they were worse off (financially) since steering away from a traditional 9-5, 68% felt much happier, because they loved the type of work they were doing. Perhaps thanks to a focus on personal growth, freelancers are able to achieve much more happiness outside of a traditional work environment.

This study demonstrates that most freelancers enjoy happiness over wealth, because of an improved quality of life. For many surveyed, contracting enabled them to create a better work-life balance for reasons that also include spending more time with family and receiving better recognition for their work.

Another compelling aspect of freedom and freelancing is becoming a digital nomad, or working while traveling. 60% of freelancers AND CO interviewed said they are interested in adopting the digital nomad lifestyle.

Newfound independence compels many to turn their backs against traditional employment and give freelancing a shot. However, there are still many issues to work out with freelancers’ typical “employers”.

Difficulties with new-found freedom

While freelancers aren’t confined to the rules of traditional employment, it’s not all happiness and sunshine:

Limited contract rights

Some clients are power hungry and will offer only limited rights over your content creation, creating contracts that impose exclusivity on your content and ability to work with a certain client base. Agreeing to these terms may result in a big cut of your potential income.

Have a client who doesn’t pay until content is published? This could put you out for weeks or months if they have a huge backlog of content to post. These unfair practices and shoddy contracts have led to as many as 35% of freelancers claiming they weren’t paid for work completed. A full 44% of respondents said they’d been stiffed at some point in their freelance career.

People don’t take freelance work seriously

It’s hard to negotiate a fair contract for freelancers, because employers can easily create an ad on Craigslist looking for help or default to the most popular content mill to get lower rates for similar work. Even if your content is truly extraordinary, the bad apples in the system work against you before you ever have the chance to show why you deserve fair compensation for your deliverables.

Although these problems won’t go away until the system is overhauled, AND CO has developed an innovative software solution to help freelancers secure more independence on better terms.

AND CO, – a tool for freelancers to even the playing field

AND CO is an invoicing, contracts, and payments app for iPhone, Android, and web users. AND CO frees up your time from boring but necessary administrative tasks so you can get straight to work.

It embodies a “less hassle, more hustle” mantra, because their app saves you time, gets you paid faster through better invoicing, and gives you peace of mind by helping you run your freelance career more efficiently.

Work Remotely

AND CO has a great toolset, allowing you to manage your freelance business directly through the app. This setup can help alleviate the stress of doing everything to keep your business running, allowing you to instead focus on your most urgent tasks, create project lists so you can organize them according to clients, and even track the time it takes you to do the assignments. Using the tool, you’ll stay focused on the immediate task at hand, while accurately accounting for your efforts in a way that ensures proper client compensation for the time and effort you put into the project. Take a look at the introductory plan, which starts completely free of charge.

Freelancer protection

Don’t waste time dealing with a difficult client when you can start things off on the right foot with a sound contract that helps you receive the payment you deserve. AND CO provides a standard (and customisable) service agreement vetted by the Freelancers Union, which coincides with the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.

If you’re constantly on-the-go, AND CO helps you keep track of when contracts were signed and viewed through smart alerts, which they send directly to your mobile device. You (and the client) can e-sign the contract directly, and invoices are drawn up automatically based on the terms of the contract. You’ll save time and money (not to mention many trees) on your invoices because no scanners or printers are required.

Experience true freedom in your freelance career

These tools from AND CO will help Slash Workers increase their quality of life. Becoming a true entrepreneur and being able to set your own standards through this powerful suite of tools is a freedom that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

And a great work-life balance is a real sign of wealth.  


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