It didn’t take long for creative Australian freelancers to realise that The Freelance Collective gives them a chance to bolster their online visibility and tell their story, allowing clients to reach out to them direct.

This is a place for talented creative freelancers. We work hard to keep the quality of freelancers listed on the site high, meaning we’ve had to knock back a few profile requests – including several people living in overseas countries keen to bang up their profile page for the chance to have Australian clients searching our talent database, and a few students not quite established enough to be considered top talent.

So, we thought we’d explain what happens when you join The Freelance Collective.

Once you’ve created your profile page and clicked Submit, our freelancers are notified via email, and we jump in and check your profile to ensure you meet the criteria – that you’re good quality, that you’re based in Australia and that you’re a laptop creative freelancer within one of the 23 categories we’ve got listed on the site.

Your profile is made live within a few hours. Then, you’ve granted access to the private Facebook group, where your newly live profile is popped into the group with a welcoming intro so the rest of the freelancers listed on the site are aware that there’s a talented new Australian creative freelancer listed on the site.

Here, you’re able to scroll through past questions and answers from members about anything and everything to do with freelancing, including blogs about freelancing written by members and others, giving you the opportunity to learn from others in the community and ask questions of your own.

This Facebook group is our virtual watercooler for collaborations – members reach out to each other here when they’re looking for a creative freelancer to help handle a project, or to pick up extra work when they’re overwhelmed with work, or sick for a day or two and can’t work or heading away on holiday.

We also pop offers and freebies in here from time to time as they’re offered to us. Great stuff like daily work planner pads, free trial access to co-working spaces across the country and podcasts from interesting folks that know a thing or two about freelancing.

The private group gives TFC members the chance to ask questions about freelancing, and it’s also where our members post job leads that they’ve either been unable to accept, or that they no longer have the capacity to continue working on. In the interest of transparency, most of these posts include a bit about the job and what the client is after, and then the client’s details, enabling freelancers to reach out direct.

TFC gets the occasional lead emailed into us too, which we add into this Facebook group with all contact details for the clients.

Next, you’re added to the newsletter list, meaning you get an email pop into your inbox every now and again offering a few words of advice, some information about trends that might affect freelancers or an offer that has been offered to us for us to pass onto members. So far this has included the chance to call someone who has hired dozens of freelancers and seek advice on how to lift their game, tips and advice on setting aside superannuation for the future and tips and tricks from other freelance members on everything from invoicing clients, time management tips and how to practice self-care when the deadlines are looming and the pressure is on.

Of course, all the while, your profile is working its magic – enabling clients seeking Australian creative talent to search for freelancers listed on the site based on their skills, and reach out to you direct. Many freelancers report not only job opportunities coming their way via the site and the Facebook group, but also that their online visibility has increased significantly, with a Google search picking up their TFC profile even ahead of their own personal website.

If you’ve got any questions about your profile page at The Freelance Collective, please drop us an email at

We look forward to seeing your request to join The Freelance Collective live on the site soon.

The Freelancers @ The Freelance Collective.


Nina Hendy

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