I’m someone that often has more ideas then they can implement. I want to see them turned into reality without the time and pain it can take to deliver them. When I see other people excited about their idea and then getting frustrated with their ability to create, it stirs me to evaluate the process we go through to see a dream achieved.

We all have dreams in our hearts, seeing it through or not depends on our desire to fight for it and connect with the resources to support our goals. Your dream might be big however we all need to start somewhere.

Here are some basic guidelines that could help to turn your imagination into reality:

Consistency and momentum

  • Engage and involve fans or members do at least one positive thing that is focused on them not you each day – make it personal. This video has a great story that demonstrates how anyone can make a difference to their customers:
  • Create content and share it regularly to build a fan base. A great first step could be just finding some simple ways to tell your story to your audience: Make a series of 5 short videos that shares that story while providing interesting content to the viewer, turn that video content into 5 blog posts, share it in Social media and within your network then provide a simple call to action so that people know what to do next to engage with you.
  • Have systems and support structures in place to manage interactions and decrease your time in admin and make it more achievable. Have a realistic budget set to work with and invest in your dream in measurable steps

Create community and rewards

  • Help people to connect with each other and give them things to share on social media that inspire them with your brand attached and go one extra degree at every opportunity:
  • Have the right people around you and help them with their dreams as part of your plans


  • Have a meaningful purpose and message behind your actions that is about giving to those you want to connect with
  • Work out what one thing you do REALLY WELL and create a basic series of products or content around that one skill. Then work out 2 or 3 really powerful things you can do online to best promote it on a regular basis. For example, if you were an art teacher, then you might create a “basics of mastering pastels” course, now that’s pretty specific and exactly how you want it to be.You will firstly create an “ebook” or some form of entry level product that only costs $10 to $20 to get people to try your product risk free. You will take the first 3 chapters of this book and then “give it away for free” on your homepage as the “free trial” to REALLY help dissect your buyers from your tyre kickers, but at the same time build a list to market to over and over again.Once they buy your book, you will then offer an upsell of some kind, usually a video course online or physical product, and then some kind of monthly membership, which once inside the members area, they can upgrade to working with you (or an instructor of yours if you have one) one-on-one. That’s the basic funnel on how to sell your knowledge online and create products.

I hope this article has inspired you to get creating!

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