Qwilr was built to combine the best of documents, with the best parts of the web. Today, the platform is being used by thousands of freelancers and creatives around the world — for quoting freelance work, developing proposals, creating resumes, and if you’d believe it, even writing fan-fiction. There is no limit to the way Qwilr users can adapt the platform for their own use, and it’s interesting to see the way it is adopted across the globe.

Built to save time

Normal documents are clunky. They’re boring, and let’s come right out and say it — pretty ugly. Anyone can make a document these days, but the output is usually lacking. Aesthetic appeal is something that’s been ingrained in human nature; whether you’re a freelancer in the creative industry, or working for a large company, everyone is looking to create something that stands out.

But when you’re writing that all important new business proposal or quoting a freelance job, who really has the time to fiddle with design, tweak fonts or source the images that make your final product pop?

Freelancers are busy people; you’re often working across multiple projects at a time, and you’re also expected to have creative flare. As technology and the web evolves, so should its users. However, there is always more and more to learn, and less and less time to do so.

With Qwilr, you don’t need to start from scratch, and you don’t need to learn coding or even have ANY design skills to create something that’s beautiful. Freelancers have used the platform to develop props, create resumes, and showcase their portfolios. All the heavy lifting is done for the user, so they can concentrate on what they do best, rather than spend hours fiddling with the design aspects of the final product. Freelancers using the platform have been able to achieve the same results, with minimal effort.

Build something powerful

My partner, Mark and I developed Qwilr because we wanted to help freelancers, businesses and individual users create impressive content effectively, and efficiently.

Copy and paste. How boring does that sound? Why should anyone be spending their time replicating similar documents over and over, when they could be concentrating on the work that matters?

Freelancers have used Qwilr to access the best of their previous work, so they can build upon the knowledge they have accumulated, rather than start from scratch.

The quoting tool is a great example of how the platform can be used to create quotes for jobs. It’s as simple as dragging the quotation tool to set the price. The new ‘accept’ button streamlines the process of pitching work, by allowing prospective clients to easily and quickly agree to a proposal or quote, with E-Signature functionality included.

The days of switching between programs to sign documents, reattach and resend are over. And best of all, rich data is captured on a powerful analytics dashboard to highlight who’s viewed a Qwilr page and how long they spent viewing it.

Create something

The Qwilr team and I have worked extremely hard on the range of new features that are now available on the platform. Freelancers have more freedom than ever to create something beautiful, build upon what they’re working on, and receive the analytics that matter. Check out Qwilr, and create something yourself.



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