Being a freelancer has its benefits; the control, the location independence, the new opportunities etc. However, one of the things that you might miss out on when working as a freelancer is a community. It can get lonely when you don’t have a team around you. Plus, having a community is a great way to find new clients!

Fortunately, there are ways to find a community as a freelancer. Whether you just want a place to ask questions or you want to establish a group of people to have Friday drinks with every week, there’s an option for you. In this article, we go through some of the most popular ways you can find a support network.

1.  Join The Freelance Collective

One of the best ways to find a community of other Australian freelance creatives is by joining The Freelance Collective! It’s ideal for bloggers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers, web developers, social media, marketing gurus and more.

By collaborating with other freelancers, you get the opportunity to learn from others, to find support and to find more work. The Freelance Creative helps you with publicity by giving you your own profile as well as promotion through social media channels. This way, people looking for freelancers have a better chance to find you.

2.  Join a coworking space

If you’re hoping to find an in-person community of both freelancers and other kinds of entrepreneurs, joining a coworking space could be a great option. Many coworking spaces have freelancers that you can work with. Plus, you’ll find a tonne of small to medium sized businesses that could eventually become clients.

At Workit Spaces, a coworking space in Alexandria, we have a great mix of freelancers, small businesses and eCommerce businesses. You’ll find dedicated desks for writers, photography studios for photographers and more.

3.  Go to networking events

This isn’t a new or unique tip but it’s a good one! Finding networking events in your area is a great way to meet new freelancers and other people. You can find these events by looking on platforms such as Meetup and Eventbrite. You can search social media sites such as Facebook as well.

Though meeting people in real life can be daunting, it’s arguably the fastest way to make a connection. Introduce yourself to new people, explain what you can do and build relationships. To meet potential clients, you might consider going to events related to your specific niche. For example, if you write about tech, going to a tech convention could make a lot of sense.

4.  Make use of social media

Following on from the last tip, a great way to ‘meet’ new people is by joining groups on social media. These are great places for you to ask questions and to build new connections. Groups on Facebook and on Reddit are typically the most active. On top of getting support from others, you can help out others on their freelancing journey.

On top of joining groups, you can reach out to people personally. A great platform to do this is on LinkedIn where people are looking to make professional connections. Sending a quick message about what you can do for someone or just to have a coffee can lead to a long lasting client relationship.

5.  Build your own community

This last tip might sound a bit difficult but it could be super fulfilling as well. If you’ve been searching high and low for a certain type of community and can’t find one online or in your area, it might mean there’s other people in your same boat. Create your own social media group or meetup event and hopefully, you’ll be able to attract the right people.

Whatever option works for you, the point is that a community of like-minded freelancers not only works to feed you new collaboration opportunities. A community is also there for you when you need a sounding board, or when you’re looking for feedback on your latest creative project.

For us here at The Freelance Collective, we wouldn’t be without our community.

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