Media Super, the industry super fund for creatives, has partnered with The Freelance Collective in an inspiring show of support for the growing number of Australian professional creatives setting out on their own freelance path.

The two organisations will be working together to support Australian creatives, representing an exciting milestone for The Freelance Collective. The online community was launched a year ago by business journalist and wordsmith Nina Hendy, who has freelanced for more than a decade.

Media Super and The Freelance Collective will provide advice and support for freelance members of the online community to access better support and education about superannuation and how to best structure their freelance income to ensure they’re considering their financial future.

The partnership will also enable The Freelance Collective to share its collective knowledge with Australians either just setting out on their freelance path, or working to improve their branding, their professional offering or other efficiencies in their freelance business.

Media Super CEO Graeme Russell said that as more and more professionals move from traditional employment to freelancing, it’s important to ensure this growing segment of our population is able to save for a financially secure retirement.

“There’s a misconception that creatives don’t manage their finances well; but the truth is freelancers face unique challenges when it comes to superannuation because they often have irregular incomes and conflicting financial priorities,” Russell said.

“We have thousands of freelance members, so we understand these challenges. Through our partnership with The Freelance Collective we’re helping to ensure freelancers have the right information and tools to plan ahead for their life after work.”

Hendy was moved to bootstrap the build of The Freelance Collective after her own frustration with the growing numbers of new platforms and agencies entering the market landing corporate clients and turning around and offering talented freelancers a far smaller fee to complete the work.

“There’s also a growing number of platforms and agencies taking briefs from corporates and clients and then spoon feeding them to freelancers at a far reduced rate than freelancers can afford to work for.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve put my name down for a new Australian platform or agency and then been asked to complete work for far less than I can afford to work. It’s a common story among freelancers from all professional walks of life.

“Then there’s the sites that give all the power to the client by allowing them to upload a brief so that freelancers to bid against each other, which only drives down price and quality.

“The Freelance Collective removes these barriers by allowing clients to reach out direct to top, curated Australian creative talent.

“We truly gives the power to the freelancer – enabling them to create a profile telling the world their professional story, detailing their skills, recent work, upload videos, pictures, links to their work and more. You can join the online community for $9/month by creating your own profile here.

Nina Hendy

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