Q: Tell us about your freelancing journey, where did it all begin?

A: Whilst holding down a full-time job I’d been dabbling in my own business since 2010. Whist working in several in-house graphic design positions (several due to relocating) I’d finish up for the day to come home to try and make something of my own graphic design business. Nothing much came of it as I only had a few clients, and while working full-time I didn’t have the need nor the time to go on the hunt to find more. In 2015 I made the leap from my 9 – 5 job over to freelancing due to the birth of my first child in 2014. 12 months later things were stepping up a notch with my business as I’d taken on multiple clients. I also had the added bonus with the pending arrival of our 2nd child on the way (July 2016). I knew things were going to get hectic and I was up for the challenge.

My freelancing journey so far has been nothing but positive. Even with raising a young family I still manage to find the time to be a full time mum and ensure I delight my clients. I’m certainly kept on my toes. But if it means that I get to be my own boss, set my own hours and most importantly, raise my family, I’ll do whatever it takes. Let this amazing journey continue!

Q: What led you to pursue a freelance lifestyle?

A: I was really striving for that work/life balance. This was the ultimate goal for me. Freelancing from home whilst raising my young family was a no brainier. I also had to consider my husbands’ job, which entails relocating a lot, so I needed to ensure I could work virtually and continue to delight my clients no matter where or how far we move.

I also found working a 9 – 5 job, the commute to work, the office crap, the continuous meetings…… need I go on? All of it! It was all too much for me. I couldn’t put my darling kids in daycare, to then go to work for someone else and work to their rules and regulations. Plus, I was unsatisfied with the creative freedom I had in previous jobs.

Working for myself is the ultimate lifestyle for me. And let’s be honest – it’s very time consuming running your own business. But it’s well worth it. Beats sitting in traffic any day!

Q: Tell us about the services you offer?

A: Haha! How much time do you have? …No seriously!

As a freelance Graphic Design and Virtual Assistant my skillset is wide and varied. It ranges from Graphic Design, Administration, Websites, Marketing, Social Media, Events, Project Management, Travel, HR and Personal (event management, holiday bookings etc). I really am the complete package. You can check out my full list of service on my website. And on the off chance what you’re needing isn’t listed contact me to discuss further, I love a challenge.

Q: How did you decide what your offering is, and has this developed over the years you’ve been freelancing?

A: Since leaving high school many moons ago I’d always been in admin office jobs. Gaining and refining my skills I became extremely good at my job. But it wasn’t completely fulfilling me. My creative flare was trapped inside and I wanted to use this passion and drive on a daily basis. So I headed off to Shillington College to compete a design certificate. Now freelancing, I have the best of both worlds and have fused all my skills together, while delighting clients and taking their businesses to the next level.

Over the last few months I’ve particularly enjoyed business startups as I can apply all my skills. Ranging from creating a logo and branding right through to setting up domains, email and websites.

Q: What’s been your career highlight as a freelancer?

A: Freelancing is giving me the opportunity to apply my skills in an array of industries which I wouldn’t work in if I’d stuck with my 9 – 5 job.

Amongst all my awesome clients in industries including the Arts, Health Care, and Real Estate (just to name a few) 2 of my biggest clients are Rhythms Magazine & Foxed PR.

I’m the Lead Creative Designer for Rhythms, designing the magazine on a bio-monthly basis while also completing their digital work too. Rhythms is an Australian music magazine which you can find in your local newsagent, digitally online and also in Qantas Clubs around this great Nation. They have great connections with music festivals nationally, especially Bluesfest. I also liaise with promoters, major record labels and independent artists.

I’m also kept very busy applying my wide range of skills with Natalie Foxon from Foxed PR, who I VA and design for. Natalie recently introduced me to a colleague… “Andrea is my assistant and mega-guru across many areas including graphic design and website editing, amongst a million other things”.

I assist Foxed PR in looking after clients ranging from:

  • A Major University
  • Multi-million dollar turnover Hospitality clients
  • International clients including Bali and the United States
  • Olympic Level Equestrian clients
  • Small Australian businesses from industries including the Arts, Marketing, Family Services, Networking and Health Care.

Since my freelance journey began I’ve received amazing testimonials and reviews from many of my clients. When reading how I’m their “secret weapon” and I have helped them “achieve something they could never even dream of” just makes me so fulfilled. I’m always pumped to receive such positive feedback and to know that I’ve made someone else’s business shine. THIS is my highlight. The continuous positive feedback I receive. It makes taking the leap to freelancing and all those long hours so rewarding.

Q: What led you to join The Freelance Collective, and what do you get out of it?

A: When I’d first taken the leap into freelancing I was looking for a group just like TFC. I stumbled across them when they had just launched.  I thought it was fate and this was the perfect opportunity to be part of something with like-minded freelancers. The thing that made me join instantly was the fact that it’s solely for Aussie freelancers. WINNER! Over the years I’ve watched TFC grow in numbers and I’ve made some fantastic connections. Everyone is encouraging and supportive whenever we might need help or advice. Plus, we look out for each other in ways other groups don’t.

 Q: What advice would you give others considering a freelance career?

A: GET ORGANISED! If you’re thinking of making that leap (of faith) into the freelance world you need to get yourself organised BEFORE you take on any clients. You need to think about things ranging from your branding, price structure, communications, even what hours you’re going to set for yourself. But the most important thing you need is a Service Agreement. No project should commence until you have a signed Service Agreement between both parties.

Also, embrace this beautiful (yet sometimes slow) thing called the internet. The power of working virtually is HUGE! No you don’t have to live/work locally, in the same state or even in the same country as your clients. I have a lot of clients I’ve never met face-to-face, and that doesn’t matter. I’m still able to delight them and take their business to the next level all because I’ve embraced working virtually and digitally.

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