There aren’t many freelancers listed on The Freelance Collective who have landed as much work as Jennifer Wilson.

The PR extraordinaire has been part our Australian freelancer community for more than a year now, and she’s constantly telling the others in the community that she’s working with yet another new client who found her profile page on The Freelance Collective. 

Wilson works mostly from home, travelling into Sydney for meetings and juggling clients across a spectrum of requirements. Her services include developing key messages, building up a client’s media contacts, writing media releases, creating them pitching story ideas, copywriting, managing photo shoots, choosing creatives to work with … the list goes on.

She launched her freelance business after years working in-house, stumbling upon the TFC platform not long after. “I literally Googled ‘freelance PR Australia’ and found the site. TFC was only in its infancy too, so the timing was serendipitous! I joined immediately.”

Wilson says there’s SO SO MUCH TO LOVE about TFC (yes, that’s in caps because it has to be, she says.)

“First up, the exposure! When agencies and potential clients are searching for freelancers, they want to find a destination that offers then a range of top people to choose from. I’ve been that person in the past looking for freelance specialists. And when you’re in the role of looking, having a site that offers talent that has already been screened means only the best is on offer.”

It’s true. The Google Gods are kind to the freelancers listed on The Freelance Collective, giving freelancers listed amazing exposure. They also love that TFC isn’t a virtual wall between freelancers and their clients (so many are!) Clients can search for the talent they need and reach out direct to start building relationships with freelancers that meet their needs.

Wilson adds that it’s a brilliant tool for freelancers needing other creatives for certain jobs.  “It’s my go-to place when I need specific writers, photographers, etc, meaning a lot of the people in the community have gained work through me, and I’ve gained work from other freelancers, too. It’s brilliant to then refer these people directly to TFC to share the love,” she says.

Wilson adds that being able to communicate with the other freelancers listed means freelancers can ask questions, share information, pass on opportunities, have the occasional rant and do a shout out when we have fantastic wins in our #freelancelyf

“I’ve been so thrilled with how many contacts and jobs I’ve made via TFC. They often start as one-off projects, but the majority have led to continued projects and work.”

Wilson white-labels to a Sydney PR agency, works with a lifestyle brand based overseas, a startup furniture brand and various smaller projects in between.

TFC is her first port of call when searching for other freelance creatives, with a couple of recent posts for a client of hers that needed a photographer in Canberra (hello photographic freelancers in the ACT – we need you to populate the site so we can find you!)

“The great thing is that if a freelancer can’t be found via the site, then someone will usually jump in and recommend someone else they know. I’ve worked with a copywriter on a number of projects which have been really successful.

“TFC means that whilst we’re individuals, we can actually build up our own ‘teams’ that we become familiar with. So there are now instances when I can take on more work than usually seems feasible because I know that elements of the job can be done by another freelancer – sometimes the client will deal directly with them (depending upon the job), but then the invoicing can all be via myself making it easier for the client and the other freelancer.”

Read more about Jennifer Wilson here.

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