The Freelance Collective was interested to hear more when contacted by PwC Australia about their new product, Airtax…

The platform acts as a mobile accountant for freelancers, enabling you to focus on what you love doing the most, what you’re best at, and what puts money in your bank account.

Built and backed by PwC Australia, the web, iOS and Android app will help you minimise your admin burden, making your tax obligations super simple and inexpensive.  

What life might be like, before Airtax

As a freelancer, life before Airtax can mean juggling the work you love, managing existing and sourcing new clients, keeping up with your industry best practice.. Oh, and staying on top of the business admin non-negotiables, like tax. It’s busy, to say the least.

Who wants to spend all their days (and sometimes nights and weekends!) working? You’ve got family, social commitments and fun activities to schedule in too, we hope.

Having an employer means much of the business admin is taken care of. But it’s likely you’ve chosen a freelancing career because you want to be your own boss and so with this comes, some additional responsibilities…

What life can be like, with Airtax.

Airtax allows you to complete your tax on your mobile, in minutes for well under $79 and less per submission.

When your business activity statement (BAS) time rolls around, which happens more often than you realise, your days will no longer filled collecting receipts and travelling to meet your accountant. Frustrating but necessary activities that could be taking time away from a client meeting or two.

Airtax quickly becomes your quarterly best friend. When it’s time to submit your BAS, you can complete your submission on the train on your way to a client meeting. The simple forms and live chat support makes the actual submission process really easy.

Because you’re an independent operator, the fact that Airtax is self lead is ideal. And what makes you really happy is that one of the largest professional service firms, PwC Australia, processes your lodgement with the ATO on your behalf for $49.

Income tax returns also become less of a burden. When it’s time, turn to your one and only tax app to lodge for the simplicity you know and love from Airtax all for $79.

Airtax will allow you to work hard for yourself on the things that matter to you. Don’t just take our word for it, see what Airtax does for freelancer illustrator Sarah here.

Getting started with Airtax

There is no immediate cost associated with signing up to Airtax. Once you’ve completed the quick on boarding process, you can do things such as:

  • Register for GST and an ABN for free
  • Explore the easy to use forms
  • Complete past BAS or income tax return submissions
  • Refer a friend to give them $20 off their first lodgement and get $20 Airtax credit in return, learn more here.
  • Check out the Help Centre to understand your tax obligations, in non complex language!

Airtax will let you know when it’s tax submission time. And because we’re a registered tax agent, you’ll get an extended deadline to submit your tax.

Sign up now and explore life with Airtax.

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