“Whatever you think; you’re the expert,” my new boss said in my first week on the job. It was 2003 and I’d only been working in marketing and PR for a few years, so being recognised as an ‘expert’ was a new and exciting idea for my ‘words of affirmation’ soul.

Like many Aussies before me, I’d graduated from my QUT Business Degree and immediately gone overseas to spend years working on cruise ships, living in London, and working in a variety of temp jobs to fund my travels. When it became time to come home and get serious, I had a lot of worldly experience to bring to my new and stimulating career.

Over the next thirteen years, my marketing and PR knowledge expanded beyond belief. I’ve had the good fortune of having a very broad marketing career – covering every aspect of marketing, advertising, PR and communications. I’ve been involved with broadcast media, newspaper, magazine, radio and TV advertising and promotion, digital advertising, social media, blog tours, community engagement, internal comms… you name it.

But after years of being in-house, I no longer felt like the ‘expert’ who everyone was excited to have in the room. I still had a lot of ideas, kept abreast of current trends, and did my own exciting things outside work (like publishing a book and becoming a relationship coach), but in a lot of ways I felt like part of the furniture. Many businesses get stuck, keep their decision making at executive level, and don’t take advantage of the staff they have right in front of them. For a creative, motivated person, it can be easy to become complacent, bored, and disheartened in this situation.

I knew that I needed to get out of in-house marketing and PR roles. I wanted to work with different products, different sized businesses, and a variety of people. So I took a leap of faith and resigned from my very secure permanent role… and I haven’t looked back.

Being a freelancer is fantastic (most of the time) and the diversity of work is just what I needed. I’m a ‘people person’ with big picture vision and attention to detail, so meeting new clients and doing a discovery session to understand their business and objectives, is the most exciting part of my job…

I truly believe that hiring professional freelancers is a win-win. You get to have fresh eyes and experience breathing new life into your business, service, or product, and we get to impress you with our skills. We’ve been working with other people who likely think, act, and operate differently to you. We’ve seen people succeed and fail when trying different design, marketing, and promotional avenues for their business – and we bring this knowledge to you.

At the same time, we no longer earn a salary and need to pay the bills. We also live and die by our reputation. So I can confidently say that most of us are reliable, trustworthy, and super eager to please. If you love what we’ve done, you might use us again, which also means we can spend less time finding new work and more time coming up with fabulous ideas to help you make more money. And there is no greater compliment than referring us to others.

So on my lowest day, where nothing new has come in and clients aren’t paying their invoices (okay, that part’s always difficult), I think about that feeling I get when somebody says “Whatever you think; you’re the expert,” and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be.


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