Working from home sounds like a dream to a lot of freelancers – until they actually try it. A home office can be full of potential distractions, in fact studies have shown that 34% of freelancers are less satisfied with the task at hand when they find themselves in a distracting workplace[1].

When distractions are reduced, whether this be at home or the local café, it was found that 75% of freelancers are more productive, 57% have increased motivation, and 49% are overall happier with the work they produce[2].

Luckily there are alternatives to working from home. In fact, one of the easiest low-commitment options is a shared or coworking space. This concept offers multiple benefits, and is set to revolutionise the future of work for freelancers offering a further twist to the traditional 9 to 5. With the concept marrying both traditional work and the future of work, shared workspaces offer the flexibility of freelancing with the security of community and collaboration.

One of our key goals at WeWork has been to build the ultimate community for freelancers, SMEs and large enterprises alike. With 11 locations across Australia and more than 8,000 members, we’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of professionals that have leveraged the WeWork community to achieve professional and personal success.

Here’s 5 ways that you can do just that:

1/ Grow your network

As a freelancer, your network is everything. Sitting within a collaborative community (such as The Freelance Collective) is the best way to experience supercharged networking. Working alongside connections you encounter everyday can organically lead to great things, it enables you to have access to a breadth of knowledge at your fingertips, which is often difficult when freelancing. As such, ask for help when you need it, offer help when you can, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly a network of authentic connections will grow around you

2/ Fuel great ideas

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as there are always a number of brilliant minds working on innovative initiatives right under your nose. Maybe it’s a new tech program or an upcoming conference which needs extra resources to bring it to life, the added bonus is that once people know you’re a freelancer, they’ll start pitching ideas to you and your opportunities will continue to flourish.

3/ Tap into the community

Building your business from a space such as WeWork will allow you to tap into a community of people that make their life’s work, not just a living. You’ll never be far from                                collaboration with the WeWork Member App, which lets members tap into the entire global community of creators and entrepreneurs. Discuss ideas, find or list opportunities, and              stay connected and productive anywhere in the world both physically and digitally.

4/ Join the hustle

There’s something about being surrounded by intelligent individuals doing great work that will inspire you to dig into your own smarts, abilities and productivity. Being around                    people who are following their own path, creating their own careers, and making their own luck, will help you gain clarity about who you are, what you want and how to go about                getting it. The more you design your career and life in a way that works for you, the happier and more confident you’ll be within yourself and your business.

5/ Find your niche

Some of the world’s biggest companies are moving toward flexible workspaces like WeWork. In fact, we recently reported that 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies who currently              rent office space with WeWork. Currently, companies with more than 1,000 employees make up 29 percent of memberships with global members including Microsoft, Salesforce                and LinkedIn. By submerging yourself in a work environment with both small business and large enterprises, there’s a huge opportunity to harness collaborations and establish                   ongoing partnerships while also establishing your own unique selling proposition (USP).

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