The Hunger Games is movie about a dystopian ‘game’ where players fend for themselves to survive. ‘May the odds be ever in your favour’ is a classic line from the film, because being alive in this game is based on luck as much as it is on skill. This could very well have been the story of freelancers.

In the world of freelancers, it’s every man for himself.

Productivity means a lot more to a freelancer than it does to a conventional team. The way they use their 24 hours is of utmost importance. They are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and minimise time wastes.

Most freelancers work online. However, they’re still not using online tools to their full potential. Online collaboration can be the limelight you need to shine.

Here are some of the reasons freelancers will benefit from online collaboration:

  1. For Classification: If you use email as your main collaboration tool, use it wisely. Don’t waste time sifting through emails. Categorising your work can make things easier for both you and your client. Use tools made for Gmail, a popular example of this is Hiver. If you work for the same client multiple times, you can have a shared labels with your client. Having shared labels called ‘Tasks’ and ‘Tasks Done’ can help you and your client save time and gauge the amount of work done.
  1. For Project Management: Project management helps the freelancer and the client keep abreast with mutually consented objectives and schedules. There are many collab tools that can make this happen. Yammer is popularly used for project management.
  1. For Brainstorming: Gathering and organising ideas in one place is a task in itself. Shuffling between post-it’s, notes in your diary, notes on your phone and drafts on email isn’t exactly the mark of a professional. So how do you find a place that remains formal while allowing your bursts of creativity to take life? Mural is an online collab tool that helps get everyone’s ideas on one big drawing board. It also has post-it feature that you can ‘stick’ to the drawing board.
  1. For Feedbacks: Reports say that leaders who ask for feedback are substantially more effective than leaders who don’t. Feedbacks can be given in the usual email form, but that can get time consuming and difficult to keep track of. A quick note on the changes makes things more efficient. Hiver gives a quick ‘Notes’ feature that your client can use to share quick changes that need to be made.
  1. For Teamwork: It’s wonderful that something like a virtual band rehearsal can be made possible thanks to the internet. Even if you aren’t strumming the strings, chances are you’re collaborating with different people on the same project. Say you’re writing a children’s picture book. You’ll need to keep in touch with you editor, for sure. You would also want to collaborate with your book illustrator and cover designer. Whatever the size of your team, you will need a space where all of you can put down what needs to be done and what has been done.

Online collaboration is the path to the future of freelancing. It’s important to be up-to-date with the different collaboration tools that can increase productivity. Of course, the final judgement for every freelancer is their product.

Online collaboration is a path to enhancing the journey of creating this product.



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